20 Jun 2013

the beginning.

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with eco-vintage weddings, my wedding planning blog, i found that when life changed – when i got married – for whatever reason, i felt that even though i’ll always be looking for the pretty in weddings, and even though i’ll always love talking about wedding trends and about planning weddings, i knew that i was ready to (and needed to) move on from that conversation.

the same goes for what about sara.

as i embark upon a new phase of my life – big girl job and home ownership – i’ve decided to step away from this space, on a permanent basis. again, for whatever reason, i feel ready to move on to a new conversation, a new space.

that’s right – i’m not rinsing my hands of the blogging world. no, i love the way in which writing offers opportunities for reflection, and i’m not ready to let that go. so i’ll be continuing to write, this time at a new space – a space that i will share with my husband. we’ll be blogging our way through life as new homeowners, as not-so-newlyweds (we’ve been married three years next month), as not-so-new parents (our little guy is one year old now, as hard as it is to believe), and as individuals pursuing our diverse passions.

we’ve been throwing around the idea of a family blog for a while, and now seemed like the ideal time to give it a go. so, while i feel unspeakably grateful to all of you who have read my words, who have commented, who have reached out to me on twitter, and who let me know – in your own ways – that you enjoy my writing, i am ready to move forward and take the next step.

for those of you who are interested, i’ll be blogging (along with my husband) at our family roost, our new blog. you’ll notice that i’ve moved a number of posts from here over to there, so hopefully you’ll all feel right at home. i love the essays that i wrote in my time here at what about sara, particularly those that i wrote as i became a mama.

i hope that you’ll join me!

many gracious thanks for following along,


10 Jun 2013

why it’s been quiet in these parts. or, big news.

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hi y’all.

i’m so, so sorry for the lack of new posts lately – it’s been quite a busy few months around here.

to summarize:

* i was offered (and accepted!) a full-time job as an English instructor at a local community college. YAY big girl job!

* within a week, my little family and i were officially under contract for our first (!!) home.

* our (soon-to-be) new house is in a different city, so we’re gearing up to move.

* before we make our move into our new house, we’ll be crashing with my kind and generous parents for five weeks.

* oh, and while all of this was going on, my dear grandmother struggled with her health, which meant that little man and I were tending to family needs at home for a week or so. thankfully, she’s doing much better now, but as you can imagine, my mind couldn’t have been further from this space.

* oh yeah, and just last week, our little son turned one year old, and we threw a bash to celebrate.

lotsa new news, big news, fun news.

these next few weeks are bound to be the busiest yet, what with home inspection and appraisal duties, packing, moving round I (living with the parents edition), mortgage stuff, a family reunion, a week of new instructor training, moving round II (our first home edition) and starting my new job in mid-august. whew!

but, i hope to carve out some time in the next few weeks to catch you all up on a few things, such as:

- little man’s newest accomplishments (read: baby sign language ROCKS, as does our dear friend who’s been teaching him how to communicate with us!)

- L’s birthday party recap + birthday gift round-up

- my plans for this space moving forward

thanks for tuning in!